RadioBOSS Advanced

Free download, RadioBOSS Advanced for Windows PC, The platform simplifies audio asset conversion and management, creating playlists with professional features and broadcasting options.

Reviews of RadioBOSS Advanced

RadioBOSS Advanced unveils a realm of professional radio programming craftsmanship and automation, all at a mere fraction of the expense of alternative applications. Should you be curating content for a terrestrial or Internet-based radio station, RadioBOSS Advanced empowers you to construct intricate playlists enriched with the requisites of a seasoned practitioner.

Moreover, RadioBOSS Advanced stands as a straightforward remedy for fabricating ambient melodies destined for an array of settings: be it vibrant clubs, intimate bars, charming restaurants, invigorating gyms, or wellness establishments. Armed with RadioBOSS Advanced, you are bestowed with the swiftness to conjure the fitting backdrop harmonies for your enterprise. Furthermore, RadioBOSS Advanced shall dutifully preside over its duties, untouched by disruptions, effortlessly maintaining its impeccable service for months.

Features of RadioBOSS

  • An extremely stable Player application that controls when and how playlists are played.
  • Support for all popular audio formats.
  • A simple-to-use music library to locate, track, annotate, and manage your audio assets.
  • A robust playlist generator with professional functionality, including playlist templates.
  • An advertisement scheduler to easily create and schedule commercial breaks.
  • A report generator to create detailed reports of what songs were played.

What’s new in RadioBOSS

  • Introduction of the “next” command: Now includes an option to await the completion of the fade-out before initiating the subsequent track (CueNextOnEnd).
  • Incorporation of the “setcasttitle” command for updating the streaming title.
  • Integration of title format variables for precise playback position depiction.
  • Ads Scheduler Enhancement: Introducing a right-click contextual menu choice to replicate an advertisement.
  • Empowerment of the Track Tool: Addition of keyboard shortcuts for navigating to the Next and Previous functions.
  • Rectification: The play button within the column was non-operational in the AUX player; now addressed.
  • Rectification: Accessibility enhancement for screen readers to access the top menu bar.
  • Resolution of the audio CD prelisten glitch.
  • Assorted refinements and resolution of minor glitches.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements: CPU 2 GHz 2 cores; 1 GB RAM; 1 GB hard disk space
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2; 32 or 64-bits.

Data Sheet

Software: RadioBOSS Advanced
Language: Multilingual
Developer: DJSoft.Net
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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