RollBack Rx Pro 12.7 Build 2709799665

Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Pro Pre-Activated
Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Pro Pre-Activated

Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Pro is a robust, installable system restore utility that offers a rock-solid, efficient way to protect your PC.

An Overview of Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Pro

RollBack Rx Pro is different from traditional backup and recovery solutions. It will take snapshots of your system at set intervals so that you can easily restore your PC to a previous state in seconds, even if the problem causes system instability. This is especially nice in the event of malicious software, software install screw-ups, or user mistakes.

The software works on the sector level of the hard drive, which provides not just a high level of flexibility but also that the software can completely restore a system in a fraction of the time a traditional method would do. This software is very user-friendly and also designed for IT professionals seeking features like snapshot management, where only system recovery is done and rollback to any point of the snapshot.

This product is also widely used by both system integrators and support staff for its ease of use and level of support for maintaining system integrity and driving down the costs associated with downtime.

Features of Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Pro

  • Real-time recovery that only requires one reboot
  • Full support for active databases such as MS SQL
  • Full support for Microsoft MultiPoint Server operating systems
  • Full support for RAID0-6 arrays
  • Easy migration for replacing drives
  • Robust disaster recovery protection
  • Scalability from small businesses to enterprise-level
  • Ultra-fast backup with no latency
  • Ability to restore files, folders, partitions, or whole drives in seconds
  • Highly customizable backup schedules and recovery snapshots

Data Sheet

Software: Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Pro
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Horizon
Medicine: Pre-Activated

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