Skylum Luminar AI

Skylum Luminar AI is the first image editor fully controlled by artificial intelligence technology. With laminar sky ai v1.5, you can make eye-catching photos, it’s fun and surprisingly easy to use.


Skylum Luminar AI Overview

Skylum Luminar AI Pre-Activated believes that many people are no strangers to it. Luminar Sky AI is a very powerful, very professional, and practical picture post-processing software. The function of this software is very easy to use and simple, it fully supports artificial intelligence for image editors. The function of the software is also very comprehensive.

It can enhance the details in the appropriate place, but it is not too excessive, and the software will also self-identify various substances such as people, water, sky, and objects. Adding depth and clarity to the desired area can change the sky in the photo within a few seconds, creating a different mood.  Skylum Luminar AI can also naturally improve the face, remove dark circles, retain pores, etc., making the photos more perfect and exquisite without losing their naturalness.

In addition, the software has various functions such as portrait photography, color harmony, landscape photography, structured AI, sky AI, Iris AI, bokeh AI, etc., which are very professional to use. The detailed graphic cracking process is attached below. Users who need this software should quickly download and download the 3D software experience.

You can also download Skylum Luminar Neo

Features of Skylum Luminar AI 2022

Atmosphere AI uses Atmosphere AI- To add realistic atmospheric effects in 3D depth-fog, mist, haze, steam, and drizzle. No masks and layers are needed to create a magical atmosphere.

Structured AI- Enhances details in all appropriate places without being excessive. Structure AI can recognize people, water, the sky, and objects. Only add the depth and clarity of the scene to the desired area.

Sky AI- Changes the sky in the photo in a few seconds, creating a new mood. Even if the tiny details intersect the sky, it can work perfectly. Re-illuminate the entire photo to change the color of the original image to match the lighting and color of the new sky.

Color harmony- Goes beyond saturation and vividness. Fully control the color depth and optimize the color to achieve balance. The perfect finishing touch.

Ultra contrast- Add details to add new depth to the photo. Adjust tones precisely with the help of six controls that span highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.

Emotions– Make colors come alive through our emotional tools. Try the new color palette to change the style and emotion of the image.

  • Body AI
  • Aperture AI
  • Face AI
  • Skin AI
  • Accent AI
  • Bokeh AI

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Skylum Luminar AI
Skylum Luminar AI
Skylum Luminar AI

Remark: Disable defender before install.. else host block fail……..

System Requirements

Windows 7 x64 / 8 x64 / 8.1 x64 / 10 x64 |
Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013/2019 Redistributable | Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2+
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5 CPU or better, AMD Ryzen ™ 5 or better
RAM memory: 8 GB of RAM or more (more than 16 GB recommended)
Graphics: Open GL 3.3 or later compatible graphics card
Screen Resolution: 1280×768 or Higher

Data Sheet

Software: Skylum Luminar AI
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Skylum
Medicine: Pre-Activated

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