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Slitheris Network Discovery Pro
Slitheris Network Discovery Pro Pre-Activated

Slitheris network scanning software for up to 50 network devices renders it entirely complimentary for the majority of household users, home laboratories, diminutive networks, and academic environments. Furthermore, due to the continuous scanning nature of Slitheris beyond the initial 50 devices it identifies, you can appraise its efficacy across diverse networks without necessitating a trial license.

An Overview of Slitheris Network Discovery Pro

Slitheris Network Discovery for Windows emerges as the next generation’s innovative, premier network scanning tool, adept at amassing an extensive spectrum of data from network devices devoid of necessitating credentials or agents. The information you glean surpasses that provided by any complimentary IP scanner tailored for Windows. Moreover, there’s no requirement to configure remote PCs, servers, or other networked IoT devices. This attribute renders it exceedingly beneficial for both establishments and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT providers who traverse multiple customer networks and locations. In truth, it impeccably serves the needs of MSPs, our primary focal point, especially when they perform scans across numerous customer sites that demand swift network overviews.

Characteristics of Slitheris Network Discovery Pro

Visual Ping Sweep

Observe the real-time actions of the ping sweep through an engaging matrix display.

Authentication-Free and Agentless Detection of Windows Operating Systems & Fingerprinting

While most network scanning software packages mandate authenticated access to distant devices for operating system detection, Slitheris Network Discovery employs TCP/IP stack fingerprinting and other advanced technologies to identify an expansive range of operating systems without necessitating credentials or verification. This includes, but is not limited to, Windows (along with its specific edition), Linux, iOS, and Android. It adeptly distinguishes between Domain and Workgroup classifications, all without the prerequisite of authentication or authorized access. This functionality obviates the need for the exhaustive exploration of diverse usernames and passwords or the requirement of personal visits to PCs and servers.

Identification of Device Type & Indications for Detection

Slitheris employs an educated estimation of device type, leveraging various attributes gathered from each device during the probing process and cross-referencing them with a Device Type Definitions Database, analogous to how antivirus software identifies malware. While this feature is presently in its experimental stage, novel methodologies are developing to substantially enhance the precision in identifying a diverse array of device types.

Estimation of Device Age

As network devices mature, they may exhibit diminished security levels and heightened power consumption compared to their more contemporary counterparts. Not to mention, they may possess fewer functionalities and reduced manageability. In situations where internal documentation may be absent or lost over time, certain establishments opt to replace vital network devices approximately every five years.

Leveraging algorithms derived from various sources, Slitheris boasts an exceptional ability to approximate the manufacturing year of any network device, requiring only a MAC address for such determination. This accuracy is most pronounced with renowned brands such as Cisco, HP, Dell, Apple, and Samsung. Moreover, it demonstrates superior precision with recently produced devices from the past year and devices reaching or exceeding the age of 5 years.

Amplified Device Designations

While numerous IP scanners typically display IP addresses instead of Device Names, the architecture of Slitheris is meticulously engineered to integrate a minimum of ten potential sources for deriving comprehensive device names.

Enhanced SMB Security

In the aftermath of the WannaCry (also known as NotPetya) ransomware attack, which exploited the NSA’s EternalBlue vulnerability in 2017, an exclusive SMB (Server Message Block) security feature was promptly incorporated into Slitheris. This feature not only unveils vulnerability status without the need for credentials but also discerns the presence of WannaCry/NotPetya infections within the computer system. Additionally, this attribute provides the utility of ascertaining whether SMBv1 and SMBv2 are enabled. This is especially crucial, as some opt to deactivate SMBv1 due to security apprehensions or opt to verify the independent activity of either protocol.

Discovery of Unpingable Devices

Slitheris harnesses the ARP Cache to pinpoint ‘stealth’ devices unresponsive to ping requests. These network devices, which evade conventional pinging, are marked by a ruby icon to symbolize the discovery of these concealed gems. Thanks to the functioning principle of IPv4, as long as ARP remains operational within a network, all devices are inevitably unveiled.

Effortless Access via Web GUI

Identify devices equipped with web GUIs and promptly access them through your preferred web browser with a click on the corresponding IP address. This process encompasses HTTP and HTTPS web GUIs, distinguished by a globe icon denoting HTTP and a padlock icon signifying HTTPS.

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