SmoothScroll 1.2.4

SmoothScroll Pre-Activated

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An Overview of smoothscroll

SmoothScroll replaces the default jerky and abrupt scrolling action with what might be called “gliding” behavior, making a (or multiple) content(s) appear smoothly on the screen directly influenced by your mouse. This makes scrolling feel smoother and less taxing on the eyes, as it eases the visual stress while encouraging to more easily track and process the information.

This is accomplished in SmoothScroll by interpolating the scroll positions at a high frame rate, so the intermediate steps between the two positions are smoothed out, hence removing the ‘jumpiness’. It particularly is beneficial in case you have interaction in a long time reading or browsing the net, making your user enjoy a lot better than ever. The customizable settings such as different levels of smoothness and speed at which the extension applies scrolling as well as compatibility with many browsers, ultimately make SmoothScroll a great tool for enhancing how you navigate the digital landscape.

Features of smoothscroll

  • Smooth Scrolling Animation
  • Scrolling Acceleration
  • Keyboard Support
  • Touchpad and Mouse Wheel Support
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Custom Scroll Distance
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Extension Support
  • Programmable Shortcuts
  • Dynamic Content Loading Compatibility
  • Easy On/Off Toggle
  • Minimal Impact on Performance

Data Sheet

Software: SmoothScroll
Developer: SmoothScroll
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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