Sony Catalyst Browse & Prepare Suite 2024.1

Sony Catalyst Browse & Prepare Suite
Sony Catalyst Browse & Prepare Suite

Sony Catalyst Browse & Prepare Suite is that it helps you manage your video files. With two primary components, Catalyst Browse, and Catalyst Prepare, the software provides a comprehensive experience for anyone seeking to simplify workflows in editing videos.

An Overview of Catalyst Browse & Prepare Suite

IF you’re a professional video editor or filmmaker, you always need to have the right tools for the right job. A few years back, such a tool was Hansen, the newest version of Adobe Premiere that came equipped with editing and effects from professional users ‘ favorite tools: Photoshop and After Effects. Could this happen again off-camera? Over two-thirds of digital or film production work is done on a Mac. But, if you’re a video professional, Tascam can still come in handy for those audio intercom tasks that may sound like they don’t merit much attention.

monitoring live scenes while recording dialogue or establishing sound levels to match each scene’s mood. Catalyst Browse is a robust media management tool that lets you quickly and easily browse, organize, and view your files. It is compatible with a wide range of video formats, includes features such as color correction and movie trim, and supports recording on hard disk as well as canvas and conversion.

When you’ve spent so much time and effort to get beautiful images, it seems a shame not to spend a few extra hours on properly preparing them. Catalyst Prepare provides the tools for file management, transcoding, and color grading. These techniques are supported by stay-certified sessions and training sessions, easing your transition into the DV encyclopedia series. In addition, there is support for various camera formats along with specific export presets that users can create themselves.


  • Media management
  • Color correction
  • Transcoding
  • File management
  • Transcoding
  • Color grading
  • Custom export presets

Data Sheet

Software: Sony Catalyst Browse & Prepare Suite
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Sony
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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