Stellar Repair for Photo

Stellar Repair for Photo
Stellar Repair for Photo Pre-Activated

Stellar Repair for Photo is a specialized software tool designed to restore corrupt or damaged image files to their original state.

An Overview of Stellar Repair for Photo

It supports many photo formats, including JPEG, JPG, CR2, NEF, TIFF, and more, making it versatile for various users, from professional photographers to casual hobbyists. The software can fix issues such as file corruption, unreadable photos, or distorted images due to compression errors or storage media damage.

With an intuitive user interface, Stellar Repair for Photo allows users to easily upload damaged photos, preview the repaired files before saving them, and retrieve their precious memories without requiring advanced technical knowledge. This software is a go-to solution for those encountering unexpected photo corruption and seeking a reliable way to salvage their digital images.

Characteristics of Stellar Repair for Photo

  • Photo Repair Functionality
  • File Format Support
  • Batch Processing
  • Extract Thumbnails
  • Preview Option
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Advanced Repair
  • Save Repaired Files
  • Software Compatibility
  • Customer Support

Data Sheet

Software: Stellar Repair for Photo
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Stellar
Medicine: Pre_Activated


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