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Text Editor Pro is a comprehensive and versatile text editing software that caters to many users, from programmers and developers to casual writers and note-takers.

An Overview of Text Editor Pro

It is designed to provide an intuitive and customizable interface that can handle multiple file types and programming languages, offering syntax highlighting, code folding, and advanced search and replace functionalities. This often includes features such as line numbering, bracket matching, and auto-completion, which are essential for coding and scripting tasks.

Additionally, it typically supports plugins or extensions to enhance its capabilities, such as adding support for version control systems or integrating compilers and other development tools. The software is often lauded for its balance between powerful features and ease of use, making it accessible for beginners yet robust enough for professional use. Whether working on HTML, PHP, Java or simply drafting plain text documents, it is designed to accommodate your needs efficiently and reliably.

Characteristics of Text Editor Pro

  • Incorporated guideline alternatives for folding
  • Rectified folding functionality
  • Resolved the issue by highlighting the active tab
  • Addressed the problem of inserting lines
  • Improved the control for previewing PDF files
  • Corrected skin-related glitches
  • Enhanced the performance of SQL highlighters
  • Fixed the toggle case feature
  • Updated the memory manager to FastMM5
  • Updated the language files

Data Sheet

Software: Text Editor Pro
Developer: Lasse Markus Rautiainen
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Freeware

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