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Designed with performance and privacy in mind, Total Uninstaller contains all the features to completely uninstall an application, leftover files, and services, effectively free up disk space, fix installation errors, improve program startup and responsiveness, and overall stability of your Windows.

Intuitive, streamlined, and centralized interface

An easy-to-use interface is designed for everyone and allows you to effectively manage all Windows applications in one simple yet powerful place. You can easily find the unwanted app, conveniently view app information such as app vendor/developer, file size, install date, and other properties, and completely remove all app contents with a few clicks at lightning speed.

Compact list and interactive visual overview of the app to get the big picture

An overview provides a summary of all the apps on your device. It allows you to efficiently and clearly view all installed apps either with a traditional compact list view or with an upcoming interactive visual map (under development) allowing you to view apps sorted by install date, app size, and official Windows app in the form of a compact list, as well as the software category on a visual map.

Powerful removal tool with automated and fast workflow

Total Uninstaller is built from the ground up to be fast, easy, and efficient to thoroughly remove any unwanted application without any hindrance. Everything is automated and optimized for speed, allowing you to complete all uninstall tasks within minutes, completely removing the application and its associated leftover files. It forces running applications to close completely, initializes the uninstall process, effectively cleans up any leftover files and registry entries, and then removes all services if available.

Smart removal of corrupted applications and elimination of errors during uninstallation

The application’s intelligent search and removal capabilities for corrupted files and registry entries are well designed to address issues such as uninitialized uninstall process, missing application uninstaller, and silent uninstall in applications and features. With efforts to effectively remove all items, errors caused by incomplete installation or uninstallation are easily resolved. A dedicated uninstall troubleshooter being developed during development will include all the tools to completely fix these issues out of the box.

Secure deletion process with backup and restore mechanism

System Restore allows you to undo system changes by reverting your computer to a previous restore point which, if enabled, will automatically be created for each uninstall under System Restore under System Protection, where you can restore important system settings in case the uninstall process cannot be completed properly, giving you a feeling of peace and confidence when using Total Uninstaller to uninstall any application. Please note that you will need to enable the system protection option in order to create a restore point.

Additional handy tools for better application management and productivity

Based on the feedback, our development team will continuously release utility tools to make your machine run better every day. Currently, Total Uninstaller is equipped with a Registry Manager which is the best Registry Editor for efficient search and replacement of registry keys, values ​​, and data, as well as system tools that conveniently include the most commonly used Windows system tools such as Registry Edit, DirectX. The diagnostic tool, system information, system setup utility, disk cleanup, and disk defragmenter.

Privacy and security are the main features by default

With default privacy and security, Total Uninstaller saves and encrypts everything on your local drive. No sign-in is required, and nothing personal or sensitive is tracked or stored. Your devices and your data remain anonymous. After years of continuous development and polishing, Total Uninstaller, built on these principles, now allows you to manage all your applications in one place with ease and confidence.

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System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
On the other hand, the hardware requirements such as hard disk space, ram memory,
processor, screen resolution, and others are really minimal
that it is not necessary to specify them.

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Software: Total Uninstaller
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