True Burner 9.2

True Burner, as its moniker implies, is an application that bestows upon you the ability to incinerate files onto your disc while conjuring disc images, multimedia marvels, and even bootable wonders, all of which can be rewritten at your discretion.

Reviews of True Burner

True Burner assumes the role of your ultimate ally when it comes to handling your cherished discs. It is the quintessential tool that empowers you to scorch files onto your disc, manifest magnificent disc images, produce multimedia masterpieces, unveil bootable marvels, and effortlessly rewrite or expunge content from your cherished disc.

This remarkable tool presents you with a diverse array of features, encapsulating unparalleled versatility and sparing you the ordeal of juggling multiple applications to accomplish tasks that this singular tool magnanimously accomplishes. Even beginners can navigate its user-friendly interface with ease.

File Manager

Let us commence by delving into the intricate details of the interface. Within the primary window, your discerning gaze shall encounter the central panel adorned with the files you have carefully selected. Positioned gracefully above this window are the functions that beckon, offering you a cornucopia of tasks to engage in.

You possess the capacity to ignite files, craft novel discs, and fashion folders, endow them with new names, and expunge files from the hallowed grounds of your disc.

Behold, within this realm, resides an embedded file manager, a veritable titan of organization, facilitating the rearrangement of the contents of your esteemed disc. It grants you the audacity to seamlessly infuse your desired data and files, a testament to its elegance and simplicity.

This confluence of design elements bestows upon the main user interface an air of accessibility and user-friendliness.

At the heart of this tool lies its paramount purpose:

to accompany you on the journey of fashioning resplendent multimedia discs and enkindling their brilliance without a hint of adversity. The application operates with such seamless grace, and the burning process itself transpires with such alacrity, although the tempo shall inevitably hinge upon the capabilities of your personal computing marvel.

Moreover, you have the privilege of verifying the written files nestled upon the disk, instilling within you a profound sense of assurance that the files dwell within the realms of seamless functionality.

Furthermore, an invaluable function manifests itself, one that graces you with the capacity to erase files from rewritable disks, a true boon when the desire to orchestrate the rearrangement of files upon the disk strikes your fertile imagination.

Features of True Burner:

  • Engage in the sacred art of incinerating standard and multisession CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.
  • Breathe life into the wondrous domain of bootable CD/DVD/Blu-ray creations.
  • Unleash the symphony of sounds upon MP3 discs and DVD-Video spectacles.
  • Assuage your inquisitive soul by subjecting written discs to a meticulous examination, ensnaring any lurking errors.
  • Bestow upon rewritable CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs the gift of liberation, erasing their contents with resolute determination.


True Burner emerges as a comprehensive application, a veritable maestro in the realm of editing and managing your cherished disks. Its existence simplifies the arduous task of crafting and refining multimedia gems, truly affirming its indomitable prowess.

System Requirements

Compatibility improvements for Windows 11.

Data Sheet

Software: True Burner
Language: Multilanguage
Developer: Glorylogic
Medicine: Freeware

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