Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool Pre-Activated
Uninstall Tool Pre-Activated

Uninstall Tool is a powerful, fast, and user-friendly application designed to replace the conventional uninstallation process provided by the operating system.

An Overview of Uninstall Tool

This specialized utility ensures users can remove unwanted software and all associated files and registry entries more effectively than the standard uninstall function. Its intuitive interface allows users to browse and sort through all installed programs, identify rarely used or recently installed applications, and clean up residual junk that could clutter the system.

It often includes features such as a startup manager, which helps control programs that launch automatically with the system, and a force removal option for stubborn software. This Tool helps maintain system performance and frees up disk space, providing a cleaner and more efficient computing environment by delivering a thorough and streamlined uninstallation process.


  • Real-time Installation Monitor
  • Batch Uninstall
  • Force Removal
  • Startup Manager
  • Portable Mode
  • Quick Search
  • Install Tracker
  • Clean and Simple Interface
  • Detailed Information
  • Multi-language Support
  • Windows Store Apps Management
  • System Restore Point
  • Hidden Software Removal
  • Export Feature
  • Customizable Layout

Data Sheet

Software: Uninstall Tool
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: CrystalIDEA
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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