VoiceBot Pro 3.9.6

VoiceBot Pro Pre-Activated

Download VoiceBot Pro, the complete standalone offline installer for Windows. This software empowers you to seize control of your applications and games effortlessly using your voice.

An Overview of VoiceBot Pro

This remarkable program allows you to exert authority through vocal commands, directing actions to your games and applications. Utilize your voice to input keyboard shortcuts, click and navigate your cursor, and execute intricate macros and scripts.

Attain dominion over your preferred games with VoiceBot’s advanced voice recognition capabilities. Assign voice commands to in-game actions and execute simple or intricate maneuvers with a single utterance.

Enjoy compatibility with your preferred virtual reality headsets, including the Oculus Rift. Elevate your VR gaming experience to unprecedented levels of immersion.

Replete with a vast collection of preconfigured game profiles, VoiceBot Pro offers an extensive selection. It encompasses games from various genres, spanning the realms of classics, contemporary titles, indie releases, and high-budget productions.

Characteristics of VoiceBot Pro

  • Sophisticated Voice Control
  • Seamless VR Compatibility
  • Ready-made Game Profiles at Your Disposal
  • Customizable Game Macros
  • Synchronization Across Multiple Computers
  • Community Sharing
  • Global Macros

Data Sheet

Software: VoiceBot Pro
Language: Multilingual
Developer: VoiceBot
Medicine: CRD_Keygen

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