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WindowTop Pro Pre-Activated

WindowTop Pro is a revolutionary new software that allows users to customize their Windows experience.

An Overview of WindowTop Pro

With WindowTop Pro, users can customize their window sizes, colors, and transparency and add custom hotkeys and shortcuts. It also provides various tools to help users manage their windows, such as snapping, tiling, and stacking. With this software, users can take control of their Windows experience and make it their own.

It allows users to customize the window size, position, and transparency of any window on their desktop. This makes it easy to keep windows organized and maximize the use of screen space. It also allows users to customize the look and feel of their desktop by changing the color, font, and size of windows.

Characteristics of WindowTop Pro

  • Transparency Effects
  • Always on Top
  • Dark Mode
  • Shrink Mode
  • Click-through Mode
  • Set Window Size/Position
  • Screen Recording
  • Pin to Screen Edge
  • Hotkeys Support
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • No Ads
  • Priority Support
  • Advanced User Interface

New features

  • Pin any window to the top of the screen
  • Set transparency levels for pinned windows
  • Resize and move pinned windows
  • Customize hotkeys for various window management actions
  • Enable automatic window resizing and positioning
  • Create window rules to apply specific actions to certain applications
  • Set window-specific transparency and color settings
  • Create and manage multiple profiles for different window arrangements.
  • Minimize windows to the system tray
  • Support for multiple monitors

Data Sheet

Software: WindowTop Pro
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: WindowTop
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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