WinSnap 6.1.2

WinSnap Pre-Activated

WinSnap is a user-friendly utility designed for taking and editing screenshots with ease.

An Overview of WinSnap

It offers comprehensive features catering to casual users and professionals who require advanced capabilities, such as capturing windows with custom shapes, including rounded corners and transparent backgrounds. WinSnap supports various image formats and provides multiple screen capture modes, including full-screen, application, window, and region capture.

Additionally, it boasts a rich editing toolkit for adding annotations, reflections, watermarks, and other effects to enhance the final image. The software’s intuitive interface and customizable hotkeys streamline the process of capturing and processing screenshots, making it an efficient tool for creating high-quality visual documentation, tutorials, or presentations. Whether you’re looking to snap a bug report quickly or craft a polished graphic for a blog post, WinSnap offers a flexible and robust solution.

Characteristics of WinSnap

  • Flexible screen capture capabilities:
  • Capture the entire desktop, an application window, or a specific screen region.
  • Include multiple windows in one screenshot with a multi-object capture.
  • Variety of on-screen effects:
  • Apply drop shadows, reflections, and contours.
  • Watermark images with custom text.
  • Advanced image processing:
  • Convert and save images in various formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF).
  • Automatically enhance screenshots with professional-looking effects.
  • User-friendly interface:
  • Simple and intuitive UI.
  • Easily accessible features and settings.
  • Hotkey support for quick captures:
  • Customize hotkeys for different capture modes.
  • Capture screenshots without disrupting the workflow.
  • Window capture with rounded corners:
  • WinSnap can capture and recognize rounded corners and transparencies on Windows Vista and later.
  • Region selection:
  • Freehand capture to select any on-screen area manually.
  • Fixed region capture for consistent screenshot sizes.
  • Object capture:
  • Capture menus or other UI elements that appear on hover or click.
  • Editing and annotation tools:
  • Essential image editing tools like crop, rotate, and flip.
  • Add arrows, shapes, and annotations to highlight parts of a screenshot.
  • Preset profiles for capture settings:
  • Save configurations for different capture modes for future use.
  • Thumbnail and scaling options:
  • Create thumbnails and automatically resize images to fit a specific size.
  • Colour effects:
  • Adjust colours, brightness, and contrast directly in WinSnap.
  • Support for multiple monitors:
  • Capture screens across multiple monitors with high DPI resolution support.
  • Delayed capture:
  • Set a timer to delay a screenshot for capturing dropdown menus and other temporary items.
  • Auto-save and auto-copy options:
  • Automatically save screenshots to a specified folder.
  • Auto-copy screenshots to the clipboard for quick pasting into other applications.
  • Command-line support:
  • Automate screenshot capturing and processing with command-line switches.

Data Sheet

Software: WinSnap Screenshot Tool
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: NtWind
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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