AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus 2.1

AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus

AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus – For watching and sharing on any device or platform, you can quickly and easily convert video and music from a variety of formats using Video Converter Plus. This video transcoding program will completely satisfy your demands whenever you need to convert a video or audio file, regardless of whether your system is compatible with the original video format or not. To generate videos in 1080p or 4K formats, use presets that have been already been optimized.

Features of AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus

Superior Video Processing

You have complete control over the video quality with AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus. Your videos, whether they are in 1080p Full HD or 4K Ultra HD, can be preserved in their original quality thanks to this software. Professional video processing technologies reduce the file size while maintaining great visual quality.


Have you recently acquired a multi-core contemporary CPU and want to test it out? All of the tools available to Video Converter Plus can be used with ease to create high-quality video. Because each process is only allowed to use 2GB of RAM, which is insufficient for high-resolution video, we decided not to release the 32-bit version.

Presets and Codecs

Since every codec has benefits and drawbacks, depending on the settings used, our converter may use various codecs for the same format. Choose the suitable preset and let it make the necessary changes for you to get the ideal balance of quality and performance.

lacking frills and whistles

In our opinion, having a single high-quality tool for a single task is preferable to having a universal combination that only performs a few tasks at a low level. Only a simple, intuitive interface that enhances the performance of the primary task will do.

Keep the metadata, closed captions, and subtitles

Closed captions (CC), multilingual subtitles, and original metadata (poster) can all be preserved in the output MP4 files by default when using AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus.

Routine Updates

Modern software development is accelerating quickly. At the same time, new opportunities frequently result in new issues. Each video or audio codec is the result of the collaboration of many people, so it’s crucial that updates and fixes are made before users use them.

System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 x64.
Input video formats: All common media formats are AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, WebM, M4V, and FLV.
Output video formats: AV1/AOMedia Video 1, h.264/Advanced Video Coding, h.265/High-Efficiency.
Screen resolutions: from 320×240 to 4096×2160

Data Sheet

Software: AbyssMedia Video Converter Plus
Developer: AbyssMedia.com
Language: Multilangual
Medicine: kaktustv_release

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