Altair Embed 2023.1 Pro Edition

Altair Embed Pro Edition Pre-Activated
Altair Embed Pro Edition Pre-Activated

Altair Embed Pro Edition is an advanced solution for engineers and designers who require a comprehensive tool for the model-based development of embedded systems.

An Overview of Altair Embed Pro Edition

This edition offers powerful features that streamline designing, testing, and implementing embedded controls, signal processing, and communication systems within a single environment. Its intuitive graphical interface allows users to swiftly create and simulate dynamic systems using block diagrams and state charts.

Embed Pro Edition supports automatic code generation, enabling rapid prototyping and deployment to microcontrollers and other target hardware without manual coding. Its compatibility with a wide range of real-time operating systems and hardware platforms makes it versatile for developing high-performance applications across various industries.


  • Visual Programming Environment
  • Code Generation
  • Integrated Debugging Tools
  • State Machine and Control Design
  • Extensive Block Library
  • Custom Block Creation
  • Connectivity to Real Hardware
  • Integration with Altair SolidThinking Suite
  • Project Management Features
  • Multi-rate Diagram Support
  • Code Portability
  • Simulation and Analysis Tools
  • Professional Documentation Generation

Data Sheet

Software: Altair Embed Pro Edition
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Altair
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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