AR Ruler App: Tape Measure Cam 2.5 [Premium] (Android)

Free Download AR Ruler App: Tape Measure Cam Premium MOD Version APK for Android Phones. Begin taking measurements of objects in the real world.

Reviews of AR Ruler App – Tape Measure Cam Premium APK

Behold a virtual tape measure that bestows the gift of measuring objects in real time, employing the elegant prowess of your Android device’s camera. This remarkable application, crafted by the ingenious Grymala, allows you to ascertain the measurements of physical entities with unparalleled ease, precision, and celerity. A tape measure cam par excellence, it harnesses the power of augmented reality technology to deliver pinpoint accuracy.

Charaterstics of AR Ruler App

Real-Time Measurement: Witness the magic of real-time measurements, simplifying the task of gauging physical objects. The measurements gracefully appear on your phone’s screen as you wield your camera, a seamless marriage of technology and reality.

User-Friendly Experience: Embracing simplicity, the app becomes an accessible tool for anyone without technical expertise. A mere point of your camera at the object of interest is all it takes, leaving the rest to the app’s ingenuity.

Unerring Precision: The app leaves no room for error, ensuring precise results that elevate it to a quintessential instrument for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Multiple Units of Measurement: Versatility reigns supreme as the app accommodates various units of measurement, from the classic inches to the metric centimeters and millimeters, thus transcending geographical boundaries.

Offline Support: Liberating you from the constraints of internet connectivity, the app gracefully functions offline, granting the flexibility to measure objects anywhere, at any time.

Mod info

  • Unlocked premium features.
  • Removed ads layout and ad activity.
  • Optimized graphics and zip aligned.
  • Eliminated default .source names from Java files.
  • Cleaned up the package for faster loading.
  • Debug information has been removed.


Application: AR Ruler App
Developer: Info
Medicine: Modded

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