Axialis IconWorkshop Pro

Axialis IconWorkshop Pro
Axialis IconWorkshop Pro Pre-Activated

Axialis IconWorkshop is a professional icon editor that allows users to create, extract, and distribute icons for various platforms and applications.

An Overview of Axialis IconWorkshop

Its user-friendly interface and powerful features provide a comprehensive solution for icon design and management. The software supports a wide range of formats, including Windows icons (ICO), Mac icons (ICNS), and web icons (PNG). Users can easily create icons from scratch or import existing images to customize and enhance them with various effects and filters.

IconWorkshop also offers advanced features like batch processing, icon library management, and widespread image editing software compatibility. Overall, it is a versatile tool that simplifies creating and managing icons, making it a valuable asset for developers, designers, and anyone needing high-quality icons.

IconWorkshop is a comprehensive icon creation and management tool, streamlining the intricate design process. Its interface exudes intuitiveness while boasting extensive features, making it equally accessible to novices and seasoned designers alike.

Characteristics of Axialis IconWorkshop

  • Professional icon authoring tool.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Supports creation and editing of Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux icons.
  • Ability to create icons up to 4096×4096 pixels for Windows 10.
  • Supports high-DPI (dots per inch) icon creation for crisp display on 4K and 5K screens.
  • Offers a wide range of image formats, including PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, and more.
  • Advanced layer management is similar to that in graphic design programs.
  • Built-in image objects library for quick icon creation.
  • Supports batch processing for handling multiple icons at once.
  • Capable of converting images to icons and vice versa.
  • Allows for importing, editing, and exporting Image Strips for toolbars.
  • Provides a plug-in system to import and export images to/from different file formats.
  • Compatible with graphic industry standards and integrates with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Features a live preview window to see the changes in real time.
  • Includes a color correction tool for adjusting icon colors.
  • Offers a variety of filters and effects to enhance icons.
  • Can generate compatible icon files for various operating systems (ICO, ICNS, and more).
  • Provides tools for icon library management.
  • Enables the creation of icon cursors for Windows (.CUR files).
  • Comprehensive help documentation and tutorials are available for users.

Data Sheet

Software: Axialis IconWorkshop
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Axialis
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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