Boris FX Silhouette 2024.0.0

Boris FX Silhouette
Boris FX Silhouette Pre-Activated

Boris FX Silhouette The industry standard for Rotoscoping & PaintBoris FX Silhouette is a robust and versatile VFX application for professional compositing, rotoscoping, and painting Version Forever

An Overview of Boris FX Silhouette

It provides a wide range of tools and features vital for visual effect artists, motion graphic designers, compositors, etc. These include robust Roto and Paint tools, perfect for clean-up, matting, and image tracking to quickly remove unwanted elements in film. With the sophisticated keying features available, After Effects is perfect for producing top-notch green screen composites.

The software comes with a nodal compositing interface (in English, we say nodal composition), meaning that the user can make and re-make a complicated visual effect shot multiple times to reach the best-fitting visual effect shot. Silhouette also seamlessly integrates with other industry-leading tools like Adobe After Effects and Blackmagic Design Fusion, ensuring great compatibility with any visual effects pipeline.

Characteristics of Silhouette

  • Advanced rotoscoping and paint tools
  • Comprehensive node-based workflow
  • Deep compositing capabilities
  • Accurate tracking and stabilization
  • Advanced keying and matte extraction tools
  • High-quality visual effects and compositing
  • Support for various file formats and integration with other software

Data Sheet

Software: Boris Silhouette
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Boris
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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