Boris FX Silhouette 2023.5.2

Boris FX Silhouette
Boris FX Silhouette Pre-Activated

Download Boris FX Silhouette, a comprehensive compositing application for Windows. It is renowned for its exceptional non-destructive paint and roto tools, making it the top choice for feature film and visual effects teams.

An Overview of Boris FX Silhouette

Silhouette offers the most advanced tools available for rotoscoping teams. Craft intricate essential frameable mattes effortlessly using B-Spline, B├ęzier, or X-Spline shapes. Intelligent design and user-friendly features like per-point edge softening contribute to creating refined animations. Generate realistic motion blur for your mattes or export them in standard shape formats. Watch the Intro to Roto video.

Silhouette’s powerful ZMatte and Power Matte nodes employ proprietary matte extraction techniques capable of handling challenging keying and matting scenarios, including shots with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections.

The animation system in Silhouette is empowered by the industry’s most robust tracking capabilities, greatly enhancing paint, roto, warp, and stabilization tasks. Choose from the native planar tracker with 1, 2, or 4-point tracking, or utilize the award-winning Mocha tracking, now integrated as a standard feature in Silhouette 2021.

Characteristics of Boris FX Silhouette

  • Shapes can be assigned distinct depth values, allowing for precise depth control.
  • Gradient depth tools like Horizon, Ramp, Hall, and Tunnel.
  • Support for stereo displays.
  • Intuitive node-based compositing with gesture-based rules.
  • Multiple roto and paint nodes for versatile workflows.
  • Accurate colour grading capabilities.
  • Exclusive matte generation techniques.
  • Effortlessly composite fire, explosions, and smoke.
  • Edge tools for precise colour correction and composite edge blurring.
  • Matte manipulation through shrink, grow, blur, and wrap functions.
  • Visual presets are available for most nodes.
  • Highly optimized interface, layer controls, and toolset.
  • New magnetic spline and edge-snapping tools for rapid shape creation.
  • Inverse Kinematics (IK) for animating limbs and jointed creatures.
  • Integrated point tracking, planar tracking, and Mocha planar tracking option.
  • Stereoscopic 3D workflow support.
  • Transform shapes and shape groups with move, scale, rotate, shear, and corner pin operations.
  • Easily apply animation changes to individual points or selected points across all keyframes.
  • Includes integrated Mocha tracking at no additional cost.
  • DOD and Extract Detail.
  • Multiple Viewers, Node and Object windows, Streamlined Workspace, and more.
  • Add the Mocha Pro plug-in for Silhouette to strengthen tracking and VFX workflows.

System requirements

Windows: Windows 10/11
Processor: Intel or AMD processor
Memory: 8GB or more
Disk: 1GB of available disk space

Data Sheet

Software: Boris FX Silhouette
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Boris
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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