Calibre 7.9.0

Calibre Free Download
Calibre Free Download

Calibre is a powerful, open-source ebook management software designed to cater to all aspects of your ebook needs.

An Overview of Calibre

It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to organize their ebook collection, convert ebooks between various formats, and sync them with a range of ebook readers. With this software, you can download and manage your digital library with ease, thanks to its intuitive user interface and extensive compatibility with different ebook formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and many more.

The software also includes features for editing ebooks, downloading metadata and covers from the internet, and even sharing your ebooks over a network. This application is compatible with both desktop and portable devices, making it a go-to solution for avid readers and ebook enthusiasts who want to maintain a well-organized and accessible digital bookshelf.


  • Powerful and easy-to-use ebook manager
  • Ebook Conversion
  • Library Management
  • Device Syncing
  • News Feeds to Ebook Conversion
  • Ebook Viewer
  • Content Server for Online Access
  • Editing Ebooks
  • Metadata Editing
  • Supports plugins to extend functionality
  • Available for Windows
  • Offers a high degree of customization
  • Allows for bulk metadata editing
  • Integrated Shopping
  • Comprehensive Help

Data Sheet

Software: Calibre Free
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Calibre
Medicine: Freeware

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