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CodeSector Direct Folders
CodeSector Direct Folders Pre-Activated

CodeSector Direct Folders is a handy software application that enhances the user experience by providing quick access to frequently used folders and files.

An Overview of CodeSector Direct Folders

With Direct Folders, users can navigate through their computer’s directory structure with ease, saving valuable time and effort. The program integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer, allowing users to open and save files directly from within any application.

Direct Folders offers advanced features such as automatic resizing, file search, and customizable folder shortcuts. Whether you are a professional who needs to quickly access project files or a casual user looking for a more efficient way to organize your files, Direct Folders offers a convenient and intuitive solution.

Features of CodeSector Direct Folders

  • Direct Folders provides quick and easy access to your favorite recently used folders.
  • It enhances the standard Windows Open/Save dialog boxes by adding a toolbar with convenient shortcuts to your most-used folders.
  • The software allows you to customize the toolbar with your folder shortcuts, making it easy to navigate to specific folders quickly.
  • It supports keyboard shortcuts for even faster access to your folders.
  • Direct Folders offers a “Switch to folder” feature, which allows you to jump to a folder directly from any file dialog.
  • The software provides a “Recent Folders” feature, which keeps track of the folders you have recently accessed, making it easy to revisit them.
  • It supports multiple file dialogs, including Windows Explorer, File Open/Save dialog, and folder selection dialogs in various applications.
  • Direct Folders integrates with popular file managers, such as Total Commander, Directory Opus, and xplorer2.
  • The software is lightweight and doesn’t consume significant system resources.
  • It is compatible with different versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

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Software: CodeSector Direct Folders
Developer: CodeSector
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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