CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro 1.6.2

CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro
CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro Pre-Activated

CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro is a sophisticated solution for multi-channel, low-latency audio streaming on the Windows platform. This ingenious software facilitates seamless real-time audio streaming between two devices, offering the added dimension of incorporating effects into the audio stream. The pinnacle of Audio Repeater Pro’s attributes lies in its independence from virtual cable software. It grants you the ability to capture audio from any sound rendering device, obviating the necessity for it to function as a virtual audio conduit. Compatible across Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11, this software embodies versatility.

Highlighted Features

  • Seamless audio streaming with minimal latency
  • Multi-channel streaming capabilities
  • Capture functionality from rendering devices
  • Support for VST/Audio Effect plugins
  • Automatic detection of device clock drift
  • Dual utility as a real-time effect processor
  • Efficient operation with minimal CPU utilization
  • Background operation capability
  • Harnessing the raw potency of native C++

Innovations in Audio Repeater Pro

  • Resolution of audio synchronization discrepancies
  • Rectification of plugin nomenclature update anomaly
  • Resolution of ARepeaterSvc auto-streaming glitch
  • Introduction of an icon to indicate sample rate mismatches
  • Addition of tooltips for input/output device labels
  • Establishment of a link between input/output device labels and the advanced tab
  • Installer automatically generates desktop shortcuts tailored to OS bitness
  • Auto-reset of rate adjustment upon buffer discontinuity
  • Singular, wizard-based program for resetting settings and eliminating license data
  • Global shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R for swift streaming restarts
  • Automatic audio buffer queue reset in case of overflow
  • Customizable hardware buffer size
  • Restoration of functionality in the help menu

Data Sheet

Software: CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro
Language: Multilingual
Developer: CrownSoft
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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