DBF Converter 7.17

DBF Converter Pre-Activated
DBF Converter Pre-Activated

DBF Converter is a specialized software utility designed to facilitate the conversion of DBF files used by various database management systems, including xBase, FoxPro, and dBase.

An Overview of DBF Converter

These files contain structured data organized in a tabular format, and the DBF Converter software allows users to transform this data into other, more widely-used formats such as Excel (.xls, .xlsx), CSV, TXT, SQL, and XML. The primary advantage of using this converter is the ability to seamlessly migrate data from older database systems to modern platforms, ensuring compatibility and accessibility.

Users can take advantage of a range of features, such as batch processing for converting multiple files at once, customizing the output format according to specific needs, and the capability to filter data during the conversion process. This tool is handy for data analysts, developers, and database administrators who regularly work with legacy databases and must integrate or update their systems efficiently.


  • Multi-format Support
  • Batch Conversion
  • Customization Options
  • Command Line Support
  • Data Manipulation
  • Character Encoding Support
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Preview Capability
  • Performance and Stability
  • Header Information Preservation
  • No External Dependencies
  • Save and Load Sessions
  • Adjustable Memory Allocation
  • Operating System Compatibility

Data Sheet

Software: DBF Converter
Developer: HiBase Group
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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