DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.21.2

DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro
DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro Pre-Activated

DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a powerful software tool designed to help users find and remove duplicate files on their computer systems.

An Overview of DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner

With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner can quickly scan through various file types, including documents, images, music, and videos. The software provides users with a detailed report of duplicate files found, allowing them to choose which ones to delete or move.

Additionally, this tool offers several search filters and customization options to cater to different user needs. It also supports network and cloud storage scanning, making it suitable for individual users and businesses. Whether you want to free up storage space, organize your files, or improve system performance, it is a reliable solution that efficiently manages duplicate files on your computer.

Characteristics of DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner

  • A quick search for duplicate files!
  • Quick scanning and accurate comparison of duplicates.
  • Search for audio duplicates ( enables MP3, iTunes ( M4A ), and much more. )
  • Find similar images ( resize, rotate, edit, and much more. )
  • Search for duplicate folders.
  • Flexible search settings – configure the search for yourself.
  • Intellectual global search assistant.
  • Search in several places at the same time.
  • Export / Import search results.
  • Get all the file information in the detailed list.
  • Change the size of the window for a quick and convenient search.
  • Delete duplicate files in the basket.
  • Move duplicate files to a new location.
  • Protection for Windows and system files.
  • Support for several languages.

Data Sheet

Software: Duplicate Cleaner Pro
Developer: DigitalVolcano
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: igorca_release

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