Directory Opus Pro 13.5 Build 8871

Directory Opus Pro Pre-Activated
Directory Opus Pro Pre-Activated

Directory Opus Pro is a sophisticated file manager for Windows, designed to offer a more powerful and flexible alternative to the default Windows File Explorer.

An Overview of Directory Opus Pro

Its highly customizable interface allows users to tailor their browsing experience to their needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The program boasts many features, including advanced search capabilities, integrated FTP, archive handling, and image and document viewers. It also supports scripting for automation tasks, and its dual-pane layout allows for easy file transfer between folders.

Moreover, this Pro version provides extensive metadata editing functionalities and batch renaming tools, making it a favorite among power users who require granular control over their file systems. Its robust features make it a comprehensive solution for managing files and directories on Windows operating systems.

Characteristics of Directory Opus Pro

  • Advanced file manager
  • Customizable interface
  • Dual-pane display
  • Integrated FTP client
  • Advanced search and filter functions
  • Scripting and automation
  • Metadata editing and display
  • Image and document viewer
  • Archive handling
  • Tabbed interface
  • File synchronization
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for network and cloud storage

Data Sheet

Software: Directory Opus
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Directory
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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