Dragonframe 5.2.7

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Dragonframe is a highly sophisticated software application for stop-motion animation, motion design, and visual effects.

An Overview of Dragonframe

Developed by DZED Systems, it has become an industry standard, widely used by professionals and enthusiasts alike for creating high-quality animations with precise control over the movement of characters and objects frame by frame. The software provides a comprehensive set of tools that allow animators to capture sequences of images using a digital camera connected to a computer and then manipulate those images to create smooth, lifelike motion.

It features onion skinning, chroma-keying, and audio scrubbing, which enable animators to line up their shots and synchronize lip movements to dialogue. The intuitive timeline interface and advanced cinematography tools, such as camera control for creating complex moves, make it possible to bring intricate and imaginative concepts to life with great accuracy and detail.


  • Motion Control
  • Arc Motion Control
  • Cinematography Tools
  • Custom DMX Lighting
  • Audio File Support
  • Virtual Cinematography
  • 3D Stereo Shooting
  • Live View Magnification
  • Configurable Guides
  • Incremental Saving
  • Multiple Exposures
  • Stereoscopic Review
  • Scripting and Automation
  • Hardware Integration
  • Platform Compatibility

Data Sheet

Software: Dragonframe
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: DZED
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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