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Driver Store Explorer
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DriverStore Explorer tool helps to facilitate efficient interactions and operations within the Windows Driver store.

An Overview of Driver Store Explorer

DriverStore Explorer is a powerful tool designed to give users an overview of the drivers installed on their Windows operating system. Driver Store Explorer allows users to explore and manage the driver repository, the DriverStore, a central location where Windows stores all its device drivers. With DriverStore Explorer, users can easily view, delete, and export drivers and perform advanced operations like driver installation and signature verification.

His tool is handy when troubleshooting driver-related issues, as it offers a comprehensive overview of the installed drivers and enables users to make informed decisions regarding their management. Overall, DriverStore Explorer is an essential utility for Windows users seeking to gain better control over their device drivers and ensure optimal performance.

DriverStore Explorer is a program that simplifies the management of the Windows driver store. It allows for various operations such as enumerating, adding, installing, deleting, and force-deleting driver packages from the store.

Characteristics of Driver Store Explorer

  • Driver Store Explorer Lists all packages currently staged in the driver’s store.
  • Exports the list in CSV format.
  • Enables adding a driver package to the store (called staging).
  • Allows installation and addition of a driver package to the store.
  • Permits package deletion from the store, with force deletion supported.
  • Enables deletion of multiple driver packages in batch mode.
  • Offers a user-friendly GUI that supports grouping and sorting on any column.
  • Allows for re-arranging and selecting specific columns.

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