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DriverMax v15.11 is a tool that has been designed so that we can keep our computer’s drivers completely updated so that we don’t suffer from incompatibility problems like the ones that usually appear when they become obsolete. But unlike other similar applications, it is more of an assistant that will take care of carrying out an exhaustive control of these contents.

The first thing that DriverMax 15 does as soon as we install it on our computer is to take care of detecting all the devices that we have installed on the computer, in order to know which drivers are necessary. After that, download absolutely all the drivers in the latest versions that it finds, so that you can use the older devices without any limitations.

Once the previous process is finished, DriverMax invites us to make a series of backup copies of all the downloaded drivers, so that in case something goes wrong with our computer, we can recover them in seconds. Our recommendation is that you take the trouble to back up your drivers at least once a month, as this will prevent you from losing more money in the future.

In the first of the DriverMax menus, you will then find the possibility to check, every time you open the application if there are any updates available for the drivers so that you can always keep them to the latest version. You’ll also be able to recognize new devices you’ve recently connected to or get detailed reports about your computer’s hardware.

Anyway, you should know that this application is loaded on the taskbar of your computer, and it keeps running in the background, always checking for driver updates on a regular basis so that you can access them. In the event that it detects that there is an update available, an instant pop-up message will appear, and you will be able to download the file at that moment or whenever you want.

Regarding the second menu of DriverMax, you will find in it a series of security functions, which among other things are essential so that you can create your own backup copies if you wish. You will also be able to go back to older and sometimes more stable versions of the drivers, in addition to generating reports of the drivers you have installed, establishing restore points, etc.

And we also said before that the program works in the background looking for possible updates to your drivers, but what we liked the most is that it also remains in the same situation even with the downloads already running. That means that the DriverMax window will only have to be open when you want, and in the meantime, you will always be able to use your favorite programs.

Of course, once you start using this program, you can forget forever about piling up those installation CDs on your shelves or drawers, waiting for the moment when a program driver needs to be reinstalled. This utility will take care of doing all the work for you, and you only need to install it and leave it working in the background, just pay attention to the notifications that it might show you.

Finally, DriverMax’s interface is without a doubt one of the highest points of this application, considering that it is really attractive but also functional, since we find each of the available options or tools in seconds. Its navigation system through kind tabs is very well done, and according to what we experienced testing other similar applications, it is without a doubt one of the best in the segment.

If it’s about analyzing the main positive points or advantages that DriverMax has over other similar programs, then we’ll have to talk about the fact that it’s capable of automatically detecting all unknown devices, in addition to allowing us to make a backup copy of the drivers whenever we want. To that, you have to add then that it allows us to establish restore points and download updated drivers whenever we want.

Likewise, DriverMax has also disenchanted us with respect to a very particular issue that we can rarely criticize in other programs. It is related to the fact that the software has a habit, to use many of its functions, of sending us directly to the developers’ website, something that can be too annoying at times. It is perhaps the only negative point that we have found about this platform.

To finish with the review itself, and as a conclusion, we can say that without any doubt about it, DriverMax is one of the best utilities that we have available for when we want to update all the necessary drivers on our computer. Aspects such as being able to establish security points to recover them in cases of loss, or the fact that it has a very well-achieved design, are decisive in this recommendation.


Features of DriverMax

  • Modern and visually attractive design
  • Provide all installed drivers
  • Create an in-depth report on the driving force 
  • Create a backup copy of all drivers
  • Create a file backup of the driving force 
  • Driver update for brand-spanking new hardware devices
  • Use driver backup to make an archive
  • Simple, intuitive, and really easy to use

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System Requirements

Free hard disc Space: 20 MB or more
Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10. | Processor: Pentium IV or above
RAM: 1 GB of RAM

Data Sheet

Software: DriverMax 15 Pro
Language: Multilingual
Developer: DriverMax
Medicine: by_Uret_Team

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