EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional 5.3.3

EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional
EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional Pre-Activated

Classroom Spy Professional is a suitable software tool that assists teachers in tracking and administering student activities.

An Overview of EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional

Classroom Spy will allow the teacher to monitor activities on multiple computers in the classroom, see screenshots, capture recordings, and use remote control functionality. The software helps teachers manage student computers, use messages, and control website access.

It also provides many tools teachers can use to improve the class learning environment, such as monitoring student activity reports, attendance records, and user sign-ins. This software can help teachers identify if their students have caught up with the curriculum progress and are learning safely and securely.

Characteristics of EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional

  • An elegant and well-organized graphical interface.
  • Simultaneous display of monitor screens for all systems side by side.
  • Full-screen view of the desired system.
  • Ability to control the mouse and keyboard of the target system.
  • Capability to send individual or group messages to systems.
  • Power to lock, reset, shut down, or log off the system.
  • Control over the desired Internet user.
  • Execution of tiny tasks on the target system.
  • It captures the user’s screen and transmits the final recording to the administrator.

Data Sheet

Software: EduIQ Classroom Spy
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: EduIQ
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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