EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional 5.1.8

EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional
EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional Free Download

EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional encompasses all the essential files required for seamless operation on your system. The uploaded program contains the most up-to-date and enhanced files.

An Overview of EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional

Classroom Spy is a remarkably efficient software designed for the surveillance and monitoring of networked systems. This program grants you complete control over the networked computers. You can observe their monitor screens, dispatch messages to them, remotely power off or restart the systems, and even lock them for a predetermined duration.

Concealing the video display on the computer screen is also possible. Essentially, this application is primarily suited for classroom settings. For instance, a teacher can effortlessly discern the specific activities of their students without the need for physical presence. Using this program, you can disconnect and eliminate any networked computer.

Additionally, you can execute tasks on your PC without employing the mouse and keyboard while remaining detached from the user’s system. Here, you can remotely observe the user’s monitor in full-screen mode and perform the necessary operations. You can monitor all network users simultaneously within a unified table, transforming your computer into a total surveillance station.

Furthermore, you can transmit a general message to all systems in use. This message can pertain to a particular assignment, provide instructions for a specific task, or serve any other purpose. The software offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities for networked systems, establishing itself as one of the premier applications in this field.

Features of EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional

  • An elegant and well-organized graphical interface.
  • Simultaneous display of monitor screens for all systems side by side.
  • Full-screen view of the desired system.
  • Ability to control the mouse and keyboard of the target system.
  • Capability to send individual or group messages to systems.
  • Power to lock, reset, shut down, or log off the system.
  • Control over the desired Internet user.
  • Execution of tiny tasks on the target system.
  • Capturing the user’s screen and transmitting the final recording to the administrator’s.
  • I am grouping computers into distinct categories, facilitating class and lesson organization.

System Requirements

Windows 7 (32/64) bit | Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64) bit
Windows 10 (32/64) bit | Windows 11

Data Sheet

Software: EduIQ Classroom Spy
Language: Multilingual
Developer: EduIQ
Medicine: Full_Version

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