Fast Screen Recorder

Fast Screen Recorder
Fast Screen Recorder Pre-Activated

Fast Screen Recorder is a computer software tool developed to record the activity on a computer screen in real-time.

An Overview of Fast Screen Recorder 

Fast Screen Recorder is an effective and lightweight screen casting tool specially used to record user desktops, gaming and other activities, training video tutorials, online webinars, and anything that appears on a computer monitor screen.

This recorder is made available with a user-friendly interface, and as a result, individuals, irrespective of their experience level, can operate it effectively. Several features and functions are provided to ensure that the software captures screen and audio recordings and can record a webcam simultaneously.

In most settings, the recorded videos are saved in formats and can be shared with other devices. The software also allows various customizations, including frame rate adjustments, determining video clarity and annotation, or watermark processing to modify the recording. It is software that can be adopted by people interested in conveniently recording video screens without much sophistication.


  • Record Any Screen Area
  • Record Video with a Microphone
  • Record only Audio
  • Set Auto Stop Recording
  • Record Screen without Watermark
  • Unlimited Screen Recording
  • Auto Video Optimization
  • Play After Record
  • Disable Record Mouse Activity
  • Stop the Countdown before Recording
  • Change Shortcut Keys

Data Sheet

Software: Fast Screen Recorder
Developer: FastPCTools
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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