FastStone Capture 10.2

FastStone Capture is the best screen Interception software、Can edit and intercept tools to support all mainstream picture formats in BMP, JPEG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO, and TGA. Its unique smooth and poker processing techniques make the picture more transparent and provide indentation, Rotation, cut, and color adjustment functions.

Basic introduction

As a highly best-used screen interception software, FastStone Capture has the advantages of small size, powerful function, and easy operation. Its convenient floating toolbar and quick key can be called the perfect combination. The preservation options after the interception are also vibrant. And convenient to meet various needs, but one thing could be more satisfactory; after the interception, pictures need to be edited in the new window.

Software Features

  • HD screens give you the most explicit expression
  • You can grab a window or object picture, scratch the picture in full screen or rectangular mode, or even grab the picture in any shape drawn by hand.
  • Rolling interception, details are at a glance
  • When a specific window or target area is selected, the mouse can be rolled and intercepted to obtain a high-definition long picture.

Functional introduction


FastStone Capture’s color selection supports the color values of the three formats, RGB, Dec, and Hex, and there is also a mixer that can be edited after taking the color.

Screen Magnifying Glass

The magnification multiplier, the size of the magnifying glass, the appearance of ( circles, the rectangle, and the corner rectangle ) and whether it is smooth to show that the enlarged mirror can be exited by the ESC key or the single right key

Screen Recording Machine

The screen recorder function can record screen movements, combining windows/objects, rectangular areas, or full-screen areas, recording high-definition WMV video.

Cross Screen

Including full-screen interception, current activity window interception, interception of selected areas, polygonal interception, and interception of rolling pages, etc., are commonly used, especially rolling interception.

Image Browsing / Editing

FS Capture also includes the function of fast browsing/editing images. You can click on the main window of the “to open” icon to quickly open a picture for simple, lightweight operations such as indentation, cutting, rotation, and addition of text. Dragging the picture in the webpage to the window of FS Capture will quickly open the image browsing window.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10/11

Data Sheet

Software: FastStone Capture
Language: Multilingual
Developer: FastStone
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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