GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD 27.2.0 Build 5003

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD Pre-Activated
GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD Pre-Activated

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD is a comprehensive architectural design software developed by GRAPHISOFT.

An Overview of GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD

It provides architects and designers with powerful tools for 2D and 3D drafting, visualization, and building modeling. ArchiCAD is renowned for its innovative approach to BIM (Building Information Modeling), allowing users to create a virtual representation of the architectural project that includes geometry and design data. This enables a collaborative workflow, where various stakeholders can access, manage, and update the project seamlessly, from the early design phases to construction documentation and project management.

ArchiCAD’s user-friendly interface and advanced modeling capabilities make it a go-to solution for architects seeking efficiency and precision. The software also supports various file formats, ensuring compatibility with other applications and facilitating integration into the wider design and construction ecosystem. With its robust feature set, ArchiCAD plays a crucial role in shaping how modern architecture is planned, designed, and delivered.

Features of GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) software
  • 2D and 3D drafting
  • Parametric object creation and libraries
  • Advanced modeling capabilities
  • Real-time 3D rendering and visualization
  • Integrated energy evaluation
  • Collaboration capabilities with BIMcloud and BIMx
  • Revision management and change tracking
  • Interactive schedules and bills of materials
  • Extensive interoperability (including IFC, DWG, and DXF file support)
  • Customizable GDL technology for smart object creation
  • Integrated project database for centralized data management
  • API and scripting interface for customization and automation
  • Virtual Building Explorer for immersive project navigation
  • Integrated design tools for urban and landscape design
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) modeler
  • EcoDesigner for sustainable design analysis
  • Stair and Railing Designer for complex staircases and railings
  • Collision detection to prevent design conflicts
  • Multi-story and multi-building project support

Data Sheet

Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Info
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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