Hermit — Lite Apps Browser 25.0.4 [Premium] [Mod] (Android)

Free Download Hermit – Lite Apps Browser Premium MOD Version APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This tool substitutes your bulky native applications with lighter web-based versions.

Overview Hermit Premium APK

This application facilitates substituting your substantial native applications with web-based Lite Apps. Experience enhanced swiftness in browsing, economize data consumption, thwart advertisements, safeguard your confidentiality, engage in nocturnal perusal with Night Mode, delve into the Reader View, and tailor your Lite Apps according to your preferences utilizing an extensive array of more than 20 distinctive configurations for each Lite App.

Characteristics of Hermit

Hermit expedites your online navigation, concurrently ensuring the protection of your privacy.

Absence of Advertisements: Even the Free Version remains unblemished by their intrusion.

Ad Blocker: Reduces all web pages into svelte, miniature, and aesthetically pleasing renditions.

Popup Blocker: Foils endeavors of treacherous and deceptive websites to unveil new tabs or evoke vibrations in your mobile device.

JavaScript Blocker: Enhances the pace at which most pages unfurl.

Data Saver Mode: Amplifies the velocity of browsing through the reduction of image proportions.

Focus on Privacy: Free from the intrusion of ads, the scrutiny of user behavior, or the collection of personal data.

Protection Against Phishing and Malware: Hermit intercepts any endeavors to embed native Android applications and seamlessly integrates Google’s robust Malware Blocker.

Incognito Keyboard: Any URLs you input shall be classified as confidential by your keyboard, ensuring non-utilization to personalize predictive text.

Scriptlets: Execute your personalized extension scripts! Enjoy the inherent support for tools like Google Translate, Lite Pages, QR Code, and more.

Reader App: Immerse yourself in articles from any browser or application using Hermit’s cutting-edge article extraction technology.

Nocturnal Reading Mode: Immerse yourself in any website through the ethereal ambiance of Night Mode, characterized by its dusky backdrop and luminous text.

Anticipated Reading Duration: Gain insights into the temporal investment required for a comprehensive article perusal, with the added convenience of swiftly transitioning to the Reader View.

Multi Window: Effortlessly engage with two Lite Apps concurrently on Android Nougat and subsequent versions.

Text Magnitude: Modulate the magnitude of textual content to optimize legibility and readability.

Mod Info

  • Unlocked Premium Subscription: Gain access to exclusive features without needing an additional key.
  • Removal of Unnecessary Permissions: Permissions, receivers, providers, and services that were deemed unnecessary have been eliminated.
  • Enhanced Visuals and Resource Optimization: Graphics have been meticulously optimized and resources cleaned to ensure swift loading.
  • Bypassed Google Play Store Install Check: The validation process for the Google Play Store install package has been bypassed.
  • Debug Code Excluded: Debug code used for troubleshooting and testing has been eradicated.
  • Elegantly Renamed Java File Tags: The default .source tag names in the corresponding Java files have been gracefully renamed.
  • Deactivation of Telemetry Analytics: Telemetry analytics, which gathers usage data, has been turned off.
  • Wide Array of Languages: Full support for multiple languages is incorporated.
  • Universal CPU Architecture: Compatibility across various CPU architectures has been achieved.
  • Diverse Screen DPI Support: Compatibility extends to a range of screen DPIs, including 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, and 640dpi.
  • Revised Package Signature: The original package signature has been thoughtfully revised.
  • Released by Balatan: This version has been released under the supervision of Balatan.


Application: Hermit — Lite Apps Browser
Developer: Info
Medicine: Modded

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