Icecream Image Resizer Pro 2.14

Icecream Image Resizer Pro Pre-Activated
Icecream Image Resizer Pro Pre-Activated

Icecream Image Resizer Pro is a user-friendly software tool designed for quick and efficient resizing of images.

An Overview of Icecream Image Resizer Pro

This professional version comes with enhanced features that cater to amateur photographers and graphic designers who need to batch-resize images without compromising quality. The software supports multiple image formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more, allowing various applications. It has an intuitive interface simplifies adjusting image dimensions, whether you want to reduce file size for web use or create uniform photo dimensions for a project.

Additional pro features may include customizable resize presets, maintaining original aspect ratios, bulk resizing capabilities, and advanced settings to fine-tune image quality. With drag-and-drop functionality and the possibility of saving personal resizing profiles, this is designed to streamline workflow and save time while delivering high-quality results.


  • Batch Resizing
  • Custom Profiles
  • Supported Formats
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Preserve Original Aspect Ratio
  • Resize Algorithms
  • Automatic Saving
  • Resize Modes
  • WatermarkAing
  • Advanced Settings
  • Priority Support
  • Software Updates

Data Sheet

Software: Icecream Image Resizer Pro
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Icecream
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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