IDM UEStudio

IDM UEStudio – An improved editor for working with text and code that programmers, web developers, and experienced users will like. It has built-in tools for including syntax highlighting, an FTP manager, and more. Most of the functions came from the UltraEdit editor, and from the same developer.

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IDM UEStudio

The editor allows you to configure the working space and hotkeys. There are functions for automatically closing brackets and code fragments, as well as convenient code navigation in the right part of the application. The darkness of encodings is supported, including UTF-8 and Win-1251. The software product can be used in development on C + +, Java, Basic, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, and not only.

List of features of IDM UEStudio

  • Syntax highlighting support for more than 30 programming and markup languages;
  • Used in development on PHP, CSS, HTML, Java, Basic, C + +, Python, Ruby, and not only;
  • Built-in tools for connecting to a remote FTP server;
  • Convenient panel for navigating by code;
  • Built-in PHP debugging tools;
  • Customizable interface panels and hotkeys;
  • Curtailing code blocks and automatically closing brackets;
  • Unicode support, as well as UTF-8 encodings, Windows 1251, etc.;
  • Convenient search system and multi-level cancellation of actions;
  • Automatic document saving when the program is accidentally closed;
  • Built-in code compiler;
  • HEX editor.

After installing the application, developers and interested people will probably find other features in IDM UEStudio. A patch for activation is attached to the program, so the full version application is available to you. You can download the program a little lower.

System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Data Sheet

Software: IDM UEStudio
Language: Multilangual
Developer: UltraEdit
Medicine: Radixx11_Release

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