iThoughts 6.6

iThoughts Pre-Activated
iThoughts Pre-Activated

iThoughts is a powerful mind-mapping tool that allows users to organize their thoughts, ideas, and information visually.

An Overview of iThoughts

It is available for various platforms, including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, ensuring accessibility across different devices. With thoughts, users can create dynamic and customizable mind maps that can be used for brainstorming, project management, note-taking, and more.

This software also supports integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox and iCloud, making it easy to sync and access mind maps across different devices. This provides a user-friendly and versatile platform for visualizing and organizing ideas, helping users streamline their thinking process and enhance productivity.


  • Versatile and flexible mind-mapping software
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Available on multiple platforms including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android
  • Allows for seamless integration and sharing of mind maps across different devices
  • Offers a wide range of customization options for colors, themes, and layouts
  • Supports various file formats for importing and exporting mind maps
  • Enables collaboration and real-time syncing with other users through cloud storage services
  • Offers advanced features such as tasks, notes, and attachments within mind maps
  • Provides extensive export options for sharing mind as PDF, image, or interactive HTML files.

Data Sheet

Software: iThoughts
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Info
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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