iTop Smart Game Booster Pro

iTop Smart Game Booster Pro Pre-Activated
iTop Smart Game Booster Pro Pre-Activated

iTop Smart Game Booster Pro is a performance optimization software explicitly designed for gaming enthusiasts looking to enhance their PC gaming experience.

An Overview of iTop Smart Game Booster Pro

It works by temporarily shutting down unnecessary system processes and services, freeing up valuable resources such as CPU and RAM to be utilized by games. With the Pro version, users can access advanced features like overclocking capabilities increasing CPU and GPU performance for better game responsiveness and higher frame rates. The software also includes system tweaks and optimizations that can help reduce system latency and improve overall stability during gameplay.

Additionally, iTop Smart Game Booster often includes a game launcher and a real-time performance monitor, enabling gamers to launch their games directly from the software while monitoring their system’s performance metrics. This can be particularly useful for gamers who want to push their hardware to its limits without manually adjusting settings or monitoring system health.

Characteristics of iTop Smart Game Booster Pro

  • One-Click Boost
  • Overclocking
  • Game Mode
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • FPS Monitor
  • Customizable Settings
  • Auto Game Boost
  • Super Boost
  • System Clean-Up
  • Driver Update
  • Disc Defragmentation
  • Game Launcher
  • Network Optimization
  • Recording & Screenshots
  • Silent Mode

Data Sheet

Software: iTop Smart Game Booster Pro
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: iTop
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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