KLS Backup Professional 2023

KLS Backup Professional Pre-Activated
KLS Backup Professional Pre-Activated

KLS Backup safeguards your data with precision, reliability, and ease because your peace of mind is our priority.

An Overview KLS Backup Professional 2023

This software presents a remarkable repertoire of functionalities. It gracefully undertakes the task of backing up files and folders from local drives, network locations, or cloud storage. Moreover, it extends its prowess to safeguarding databases, mailboxes, and other application-specific data (profiles).

The pinnacle of elegance lies in its integrated workspace, granting effortless access to an array of tools and features, allowing you to browse, view, edit, and oversee your profiles with finesse. Intuitive wizards guide you, and new backup and synchronization profiles materialize while files are restored and archives are efficiently managed.


  • Comprehensive Backup Solutions
  • Diverse Storage Options
  • Advanced Scheduling Capabilities
  • Database Backup Support
  • Integrated Job Management
  • Security Features
  • Data Compression
  • Flexible File Management
  • Versioning and Retention Policies
  • Restoration and Recovery
  • User Interface and Usability
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Cloud Integration
  • Customization and Scripting

Data Sheet

Software: KLS Backup 2023
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: KLS-SOFT
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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