MakeMusic Finale

MakeMusic Finale Pre-Activated
MakeMusic Finale Pre-Activated

MakeMusic Finale is a comprehensive music notation software that provides musicians, composers, and arrangers with a powerful tool to create, edit, and publish professional-looking sheet music.

An Overview of MakeMusic Finale

With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Finale offers a seamless experience for musicians of all levels of expertise. Users can input notes using a MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard, or mouse, and with its advanced scanning capabilities, Finale can even convert printed sheet music into editable scores.

The software also includes a vast library of musical symbols, articulations, and fonts, allowing users to customize their compositions to their desired aesthetic. Furthermore, Finale enables users to play back their compositions with realistic sounds through its built-in sound library or with external virtual instruments.

Characteristics of MakeMusic Finale

  • Music notation software
  • Ability to create, edit, and print sheet music
  • Supports a wide range of musical symbols and notations
  • Includes a vast library of instrument sounds
  • MIDI input and output capabilities
  • Advanced score editing tools such as transposition and tempo adjustments
  • Supports multiple staves and layers within a score
  • Real-time playback and recording features
  • Music scanning and importing capabilities
  • Collaboration tools for sharing and working on scores with others
  • Customizable templates and styles for consistent formatting
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems

Data Sheet

Software: MakeMusic Finale
Interface: Silent Installer
Developer: MakeMusic
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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