MasterCook Pre-Activated
MasterCook Pre-Activated

MasterCook is a popular software program that provides comprehensive and user-friendly tools for meal planning, recipe management, and grocery shopping.

An Overview of MasterCook

Its extensive recipe database and advanced search features allow users to easily find and organize their favorite recipes. The program also offers recipe scaling, nutrition analysis, and meal planning calendars, making it a valuable tool for individuals or families looking to adopt healthier eating habits or manage dietary restrictions.

Additionally, it allows users to create shopping lists based on selected recipes, ensuring they have all the necessary ingredients. Overall, it is a versatile and efficient tool that simplifies the process of meal planning and recipe management, making it a favorite among home cooks and culinary enthusiasts.


  • Custom Cookbooks & Recipes
  • Cost Analysis
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Menus & Meals Plans
  • Pantry & Wine List
  • Recipe Scaling
  • Printing Templates
  • Group Cookbooks

Data Sheet

Software: MasterCook 2024
Interface: Silent Installer
Developer: Info
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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