Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro 7.0.1

Native Instruments Guitar Rig
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro Pre-Activated

GUITAR RIG REIMAGINED: A Revival of Excellence

Embarking on a grand transformation, behold the revitalized GUITAR RIG—a captivating fusion of exquisite aesthetics, cutting-edge amplification, spellbinding effects, and state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Prepare to immerse yourself in an unparalleled sonic realm, where your artistic endeavours await boundless warmth, captivating crunch, and ethereal fuzz.

A Pantheon of Unparalleled Amplification and Effects

Indulge in mastering three meticulously crafted boutique and vintage amplifiers, lovingly recreated for your sonic pleasure. Moreover, savour the arrival of 16 additional effects meticulously curated by Native and Softube, offering innovative avenues to define and refine your tonal palette.

An Interface Reimagined, a Journey Redefined

GUITAR RIG 7 PRO unveils a resplendent, redesigned interface—an epitome of pristine elegance and user-friendliness. This beautiful canvas nurtures creativity and provides an intuitive sanctuary for unrivalled audio-processing exploration.

A Collective Vision: The Power to Shape the Future

Harnessing our novel hardware modelling approach, we foster an open dialogue with our esteemed community. Together, we shall unveil an ever-expanding repertoire of amplifiers and effects driven by your desires and aspirations. Join us as we forge a collaborative journey toward musical brilliance.

The Quintessence of Sonic Artistry

Envision GUITAR RIG 7 PRO as your sanctuary—a versatile multi-effects rack and amp simulator designed for seamless audio creation and boundless experimentation. Transcend conventional boundaries as you sculpt unparalleled processing chains to bespeak your unique musical identity. Imbue your guitar, bass, strings, drums, synths, and more with resplendent character, evoking space, warmth, and depth.

Unveiling the Dawn of Innovation: Novel Amplifiers, Revolutionary Technology

Delve into science fiction turned tangible reality, as Native’s groundbreaking circuit modelling technique harnesses the power of cutting-edge machine learning. Witness a transformative journey of depth and authenticity in our amp emulations. Moreover, prepare to traverse a broad tonal spectrum, ranging from tantalizing tube-driven saturation to pristine cleans, courtesy of “Chicago,” an elusive mid-50s combo amp boasting abundant character and responsiveness to your every touch.

BASS INVADER: A Timeless Vanguard

Embrace the resonant prowess of “Bass Invader”—a relentless, vintage solid-state bass amplifier that endures like bedrock. With its 4-band active EQ, voicing filters, and versatile distortion control, this masterpiece is perfect for contemporary rock settings and the echoes of rock eras past.

FIRE BREATHER: Igniting Sonic Majesty

Capturing the essence of a meticulously hand-wired American boutique amp derived from the heart of a revered British classic, “Fire Breather” embodies a versatile fusion of high-gain magnificence. From modern metal to pristine cleans, this extraordinary creation mesmerizes with its tonal prowess.

MATCHED CABINET PRO: Unveiling Sonic Fidelity

Experience the rebirth of cabinet sound with the advent of GUITAR RIG 7 PRO. Elevate your sonic expedition with impeccably captured impulse responses from OwnHammer and 3 Sigma Audio, lending an unrivalled authenticity to all amplifiers.

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Software: Native Instruments Guitar Rig
Developer: Native Instruments
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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