O&O Defrag Professional 28.2 Build 10017

O&O Defrag Professional
O&O Defrag Professional Pre-Activated

O&O Defrag Professional is a full-featured disk defragmentation software that aims to improve and speed up hard drives on Windows-based computers.

An Overview of O&O Defrag Professional

O&O Defrag Pro (developed by O&O Sofware) is a professional defragmentation tool for all Windows tastes that provides everything you would need in a defragmenter, defrag without limits and can cope with the design needs of regular users as well as IT professionals. It comes with a user-friendly interface and lets you schedule and customize the defragmentation operations for both individual files or folders and entire drives. Defragmentation tactics the software employs include placing files according to their frequency of use to facilitate access speeds and consolidating free space to prevent buffer fragmentation later on.

O&O Defrag also features SSD optimization suitable for solid-state drives. This software maintains speed and extends life by never having to defragment its disks in the first place. By monitoring the background, this software can, at the right times, perform the actions necessary to keep drives in tip-top shape, both for performance reasons and to save thousands of small writes, which can, over time, lessen the life of your storage.

Characteristics of OO Defrag Professional

  • New Pieced-in OO DiskStat. 
  • O&O DiskCleaner pieced-in. 
  • Power supervision for laptops. 
  • It ameliorated SSD optimization. 
  • Defragment multiple drives together. 
  • Extends the life of your accouterments. 
  • Wizard to slate the lump defragmenter. 
  • Automatic background defragmentation. 
  • It prevents new fragmentation from going down. 
  • Easy to use Ideal for abecedarians and professionals. 
  • A new fragment filter will identify the most broken columns on a drive. 
  • Increase the chances of recovering lost trains and speed up backups. 

Data Sheet

Software: O&O Defrag Professional
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: O&O
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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