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PDF Architect Pro + OCR
PDF Architect Pro + OCR Pre-Activated

PDF Architect is a powerful and flexible tool designed for all things PDF. Thus, It becomes a companion tool featuring edit functions and tools with multiple performance-mining software. Users are essential.

An Overview of PDF Architect Pro

This is the only way to convert it into a PDF of acceptable quality. Now users may change files any way they choose into PDF format, or in the opposite direction it is also applicable to collate many PDFs into one document, and turn a large document into smaller and more manageable sections than before; rescanning them looks better Furthermore, it also affords protection for your sensitive documents by allowing you to set up advanced security features such as digital signatures or password shielding.

With its friendly interface and a wealth of powerful features to choose from, PDF Architect offers a better value than an expensive single-function PDF tool like Acrobat Pro, which also has less capacity than those two available. The full version of PDF Architect costs $49, and there are no yearly fees, which would eventually make up for the initial cost of the software within a short time thereafter.

Characteristics of PDF Architect Pro

  • Advanced editing tools
  • Secure document signing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Batch processing
  • Form creation and editing
  • Document comparison
  • Redaction
  • Advanced security features
  • Integration with cloud storage services
  • Collaboration and annotation

Data Sheet

Software: PDF Architect Pro
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: pdfforge
Medicine: Pre_Pre-Activated

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