Pro Motion NG

Pro Motion NG Pre-Activated
Pro Motion NG Pre-Activated

Pro Motion NG is a powerful pixel art editor and animation software designed for professionals and hobbyists. It is a feature-rich program that allows users to create stunning pixel art and animations easily.

An Overview of Pro Motion NG

It also offers tools and features to help users create professional-looking pixel art and animations. Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, Pro Motion is the perfect tool for creating pixel art and animations.

It is a highly specialized and unusual graphic editor whose functionality is as similar as possible to this category’s most potent and leading programs. Visually, the software is almost identical to the legendary Photoshop, which will be an excellent advantage for those familiar with this application.

Features of Pro Motion NG

  • Pixel art and animation software
  • Advanced tile map editor for creating game levels
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple image formats, including PNG, GIF, and JPEG
  • Powerful drawing tools with various brush types and blending modes
  • Customizable colour palettes and colour reduction algorithms
  • Onion skinning feature for smooth animation creation
  • Layer management for better organization and editing of artwork
  • Ability to create and edit tilesets for seamless game-level design
  • Animation timeline with keyframes and frame management options
  • Export options for various platforms, including PC, mobile, and console games
  • Supports import and export of sprite sheets
  • Advanced palette editor for precise colour adjustments
  • Integration with third-party software and plugins for extended functionalities
  • Regular updates and customer support for bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Data Sheet

Software: Pro Motion NG
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Cosmigo
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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