Red Giant VFX Suite 2024.2

Red Giant VFX Suite Pre-Activated
Red Giant VFX Suite Pre-Activated

The Red Giant VFX Suite is a comprehensive collection of visual effects plugins designed to work within Adobe After Effects.

An Overview of Red Giant VFX Suite

Red Giant’s VFX Suite is designed to enhance creativity while saving time and producing professional results that can elevate the visual impact of any project. Aimed at filmmakers, motion graphics artists, and visual effects professionals, the suite provides a set of tools for creating high-quality visual effects with efficiency and ease. It includes tools for keying, tracking, cleanup, and visual effects compositing.

Among its notable components are Supercomp, a compositing environment that simplifies the process of creating complex, layered effects; Primatte Keyer for advanced green/blue screen keying; and Optical Glow for generating photorealistic glows. The suite also features tools such as King Pin Tracker for accurate planar tracking and Spot Clone Tracker for object removal and clean-up.

Features of Red Giant VFX Suite

  • Create dynamic motion graphics with splines, fractal noise, and more.
  • Add 3D lens flares for motion graphics and VFX.
  • Automatically pull clean mattes with built-in auto-compute for faster keying.
  • Create fast and realistic shadows in After Effects.
  • Spot Clone Tracker Easily remove imperfections and objects with one click.
  • Create 3D text animations, abstract shapes, and more.
  • Generate real-time reflections with multiple layers of texture.

Data Sheet

Software: Red Giant VFX Suite 2024
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: MAXON
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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