Shield Antivirus Pro 5.2.4

Shield Antivirus Pro Pre-Activated
Shield Antivirus Pro Pre-Activated

Free Download Shield Antivirus Pro full version latest offline installer for Windows PC. You can enjoy maximum protection for your computer and safe browsing with this.

An Overview of Shield Antivirus Pro

This tool safeguards against contemporary viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans, and spyware for individual desktop and laptop computers. It is a vigilant shield, ensuring your computer remains impervious to all threats. It vigilantly monitors, obstructs, and issues alerts upon detecting potential harm.

Furthermore, it can autonomously scan a computer at predetermined intervals, accompanied by supplementary features such as the secure file eraser, history cleaner, and start-up overseer. These enhancements collectively contribute to fortifying your computer’s defenses and enabling it to function at its utmost capability.

Characteristics of Shield Antivirus Pro

  • Comprehensive computer fortification
  • Real-time vigilant supervision and defense
  • Safeguarding against Ransomware
  • Ensuring Internet Security
  • Thorough and Penetrative Threat Scanning
  • Automated scanning and preemptive protection
  • Efficient and Secure File Eradication

Data Sheet

Software: Shield Antivirus
Language: Multilingual
Developer: ShieldApps
Medicine: Full_Version

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