SimpleMind Pro 2.4.0 Build 6481

SimpleMind Pro Pre-Activated
SimpleMind Pro Pre-Activated

SimpleMind has numerous features that enhance the mind-mapping experience, including limitless canvas size, collapsible branches, multimedia attachments, user-customizable styles, and much more.

An Overview of SimpleMind Pro

It offers a clean, uncluttered interface where users can create mind maps by placing topics on a virtual canvas and drawing connecting lines to show relationships between ideas. The Pro version runs on multiple platforms so that you can use it on your PCs, tablets, and smartphones. With advanced features not found in the free version, such as visual styles, the ability to export to specific file types, and greater layout possibilities for more complicated diagrams than ever before now available, upgradation is definitely worth consideration.


  • Mind Map Creation
  • Customization and Styling
  • Multimedia and Attachments
  • Mind Map Structuring
  • Advanced Tools for Organization
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Cross-Platform Syncing
  • Search and Find
  • Note Taking
  • Templates and Examples
  • Global Style Options
  • User Interface and Navigation

Data Sheet

Software: SimpleMind Pro
Developer: SimpleMind
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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