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Thimeo Relay, a comprehensive software, can be obtained as a complete standalone offline installer exclusively for Windows, granting you the freedom to download it for free. This remarkable application harnesses the potential of both your internal and external sound card, serving as an adept relay detector. It ingeniously converts on/off signals into Radio Data System (RDS) commands.

An Overview of Thimeo Relay

Timeo Relay ingeniously utilizes your internal or external sound card as an astute relay detector, skillfully transforming the binary on/off signals into intricate RDS commands. These commands possess the capability of being dispatched to a multitude of RDS encoders, including those found in renowned software such as Stereo Tool and STXtreme. With its state-of-the-art sound card, Thimeo Relay showcases exceptional audio performance and unparalleled versatility. Be it a professional musician seeking sonic excellence, an audiophile with a discerning ear, or a gamer yearning for an immersive auditory journey, Thimeo Relay unfailingly delivers an extraordinary audio experience.


  • This remarkable software offers an extensive array of connectivity options, catering to diverse audio requirements.
  • It ensures minimal audio delays, enabling real-time audio processing and seamless synchronization with video content or virtual instruments.
  • Additionally, it expertly harnesses the capabilities of your internal or external sound card, functioning as an adept relay detector.
  • By skillfully translating on/off signals into RDS commands, Thimeo Relay exemplifies its versatility and adaptability.

Data Sheet

Software: Thimeo Relay
Language: Multilanguage
Developer: Thimeo
Medicine: CRD_Release

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