TickTick Premium

TickTick Premium Pre-Activated
TickTick Premium Pre-Activated

TickTick Premium is a subscription-based service that offers enhanced features and functionality to users of the popular task management app.

An Overview of TickTick Premium

TickTick users can unlock advanced features, such as unlimited task lists, tags, reminders, and customizable themes and backgrounds, to personalize their task management experience. Premium users also benefit from increased collaboration capabilities, including sharing and assigning tasks with team members and access to real-time syncing across multiple devices.

Additionally, TickTick offers priority customer support, ensuring users receive prompt assistance with any issues or inquiries. Overall, TickTick provides comprehensive tools and features to help users stay organized, improve productivity, and effectively manage their tasks and projects.

Characteristics of TickTick

  • Create tasks with titles, descriptions, due dates, and priorities.
  • Organize tasks into lists and categorize lists into folders.
  • Break tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks.
  • Set one-time or recurring reminders for tasks.
  • Assign due dates and set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or custom intervals.
  • Visualize tasks in a calendar format alongside events.
  • Organize tasks using a Kanban board layout to represent progress visually.
  • Use the built-in Pomodoro timer to stay focused while working on tasks.
  • Create and track habits with streaks and statistics.
  • Label tasks with tags for easy searching and sorting.
  • Automatically generate lists based on criteria like priority or due date.
  • Add tasks using voice commands.
  • Share lists and assign tasks to others for team projects.
  • Add comments to tasks for communication and clarification.
  • Upload files and images to tasks for reference.
  • Access TickTick on various devices and platforms (iOS, Android, desktop, web).
  • Use widgets to sync with third-party calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.).
  • Customize the app’s appearance with various themes and colors.
  • Find tasks quickly with powerful search options.
  • View productivity trends and task completion statistics.
  • Protect your data with features like data encryption and (2FA).
  • Personalize task views, notifications, and other settings to fit your workflow.
  • Quickly add tasks from anywhere with shortcuts or widgets.
  • Convert emails into tasks by sending them to a custom TickTick email address.

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Software: TickTick Premium
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Info
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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