Vit Registry Fix 14.9.1

Vit Registry Fix
Vit Registry Fix Pre-Activated

Vit Registry Fix is a program for repairing and maintaining the computer’s Windows registry, a critical component in which Windows and many applications store their settings.

An Overview of Vit Registry Fix

As time passes and software is installed or uninstalled, these settings change, accumulating unnecessary, corrupt, or malicious entries in the registry. This can result in system glitches, slow performance, and various errors.

This tool addresses all these problems by scanning the registry for errors and providing the user with options to fix them, thus optimizing the computer’s performance and stability.


  • Comprehensive Registry Scan
  • Registry Backup and Restore
  • Startup Items Management
  • Registry Defragmentation
  • Manual and Automatic Cleaning
  • Customizable Search Options
  • Software Uninstall Manager
  • Registry Optimization
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Regular Updates
  • Free and Pro Versions

Data Sheet

Software: Registry Fixer
Developer: Vitalii Mikhalko
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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